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The miner is not warmed up, and the hashrate is low after the miner turned on. It takes up to 15 minutes for the miner to reach the normal hashrate after being rebooted. If the miner restarts automatically, try changing a new PSU to test if an abnormality in the power source is the reason for the restart.

The miner hash board data is incorrect. If the hashrate displayed on the hash board is lower than the actual hashrate, re-plug the hash board cables or replace the damaged cables , and restart the miner. If the issue persists, contact the miner manufacturer for further technical support. Zero hashrate and abnormal temperature. The hash board is connected, but the hashrate is zero, the number of chips is zero, or the temperature reading is abnormal different from other hash boards.

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Re-plug the hash board cables and restart the miner. If the problem is not solved, please contact maintenance or a technician for troubleshooting. Network delay, or up and down bandwidth are too low or overlap too much mostly shows up as high rejection rate in the mining pool. Run a speed test and verify that your internet connection is working.

The temperature exceeds the limit causing the miner to go into high-temperature protection mode or restart.

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For example, the normal working temperature of WhatsMiner is about degrees Celsius. If the miner's temperature exceeds 85 degrees, you need to improve ventilation and lower the miner's temperature via the installation of a water curtain, air conditioner, fan, and other cooling equipment. Hardware failure. The miner may have loose cables, damaged chips, etc. Please contact the manufacturer's customer support on the official website. Miner hashrate issues - the pool hashrate effective is lower than the miner hashrate reported.

Our users usually contact the mining pool whenever they discover such data discrepancy. In some cases, mining pools are accused of stealing computing power from miners. However, we guarantee that this will never happen to you at Binance Pool as our teams are dedicated to our mission and uphold high-quality standards and integrity. The average effective hashrate shows the average over the previous 24 hours.

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  8. If the mining machine has not been running for 24 hours, its reported hashrate will typically be higher than the mining pool hashrate. Alternatively, contact the manufacturer's customer service. If you identified the problem with the miner, please examine the hardware or contact the manufacturer's customer service. Why is the pool not showing the hashrate while the miner is working? How do I test network connectivity with ping? Ping is used to determine whether your computer can successfully exchange send and receive data with the server.

    The test results will show you whether the network is running smoothly. How do I tell if a virus infects the miner? How do I remove viruses from the miner? How do I protect miners from viruses? Where can I download the batch management tool for miners? When do I reset the miner? How do I start mining with Binance Pool? Binance Pool Mining Account name is used to fill out the 'Worker' field of a mining machine.

    Where are the Binance Pool nodes located? The miners that have registered on the Binance Pool are automatically connected to the nearest node thanks to the Binance Pool optimization. This ensures stable and reliable mining operations. What are the Binance Pool fees? The Binance Pool fee rate is 2. Anyone have feedback on what should be on the banner? What text should say?

    Obviously we would want the logo on there and the BiblePay name. What should the banner link to? Should we have multiple links? Would it be better to use a freelance site to find someone for this? I can do the rest of the legwork of competing in the auction.

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    NOTE: This is assuming Sanctuaries are interested in using some of the budget for this, Ill wait to see if anyone is interested and has the skills and then we can create a proposal. Last Auction Auction ended, final result: 3 0. So to get one slot in last round would have cost 0. I read the instructions and it did say that a small icon would be ok if you asked first. However, the guy seems inconsistent, especially looking at some of the ads already up. His rules seem to be arbitrary and inconsistent. Basically, if images are used for positioning or general text styling -- which CSS should be able to do --, then it's not allowed.

    But usually I allow little logos and such which can't be properly replicated in CSS. Where is this banner going to be uploaded and shown? You showed me a page with a bunch of little banners, is that how it's going to be shown? Help me help you. Yeah I think I'm starting to understand it. Do you want the banner to link to the main website?

    Welcome to Reddit,

    Also, I think this is a good quote to add to the banner, if it can fit, and also if someone beats me to it:. I think linking to main the biblepay website would be a good link, I think also having a link to the bitcointalk original post of the latest bitcointalk thread would also be good, also maybe the reddit and twitter but Im not sure. No images, JavaScript, or animation. Ads must appear 3 or fewer lines tall in my browser Firefox, px wide. Ad text may not contain lies, misrepresentation, or inappropriate language. Ads may not link directly to any NSFW page. Here are some terms that are popularly used in the cryptosphere.

    A bitcoiner is someone who only invests in bitcoin, with little to no interest in other cryptocurrencies. An altcoiner is someone who loves exploring cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin and invests heavily in altcoins. It is a market situation where a group of individuals spread misleading information about a specific crypto to evoke feelings of fear, uncertainty and doubt in the minds of others. They do so to pull down the value of a cryptocurrency and then benefit from it by buying it at a relatively low price.

    Private and public key: A private key is a code with a series of numbers and letters that acts like a password for you to access your digital assets. A public key is also a similar code, but it is a unique address where you get your cryptocurrencies. A public key and address is the same thing.

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    A private key is not to be shared with anyone, while the public key must be shared with others. Whales: This term refers to individuals with a significant share of specific cryptocurrencies.

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    Rekt: This is a short form for wrecked. Rekt means that a trader or investor has lost a substantial sum of money. Fork: Cryptocurrencies are updated frequently, and with every update, we see a change in the protocol of a cryptocurrency, which is what you call a fork.