What does tumbling bitcoins mean

Bitcoin tumbles 11% as cryptocurrency rally gives way to price pessimism

This month, Bitcoin has surged almost 50 percent, putting it on track to make December its biggest month since Source: Bloomberg. Bitcoin slot machines? A patent could make them a reality. Day after hitting record high, investors keep betting on Bitcoin.

What Is a Bitcoin Tumbler? Are They Legal?

More from Economy. Suez crisis creates winners and losers in the global supply chain. Nissan whistle-blower questions integrity of Ghosn probe: Report. Most Read. From this event I have several related questions:.

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It might help to first understand that every bitcoin transaction, right back to the genesis very first block is available for public inspection in the block chain. Note that the actual bitcoins are not trackable, only the amounts, addresses and the transactions - this is important. To be able to complete a transfer of bitcoins, you need to know the private key for an address AND know the transaction ID of an unspent transaction sending bitcoins to that address - You don't just send someone 1BTC, you send them 1BTC out of the 1.

In other words, the balance of an address is the sum of the unspent transactions and each transaction clearly shows where the bitcoins came from.

Cryptocurrency prices fall sharply as enthusiasm for risky assets pauses

A tumbler attempts to sever the links between your old address and a new address by sending coins from you to other people and coins from them to you. It also randomizes transaction amounts and sometimes adds time delays to the transactions. Generally there should be no link between the original transactions and the final address of the coins. Is a tumbling a viable laundering scheme? Yes, provided that you are tumbling a small amount of BTC compared to the total volume going through the tumbler I have no idea what the ideal ratio is. Remember also that the tumbler will give out other peoples coins.

If all the coins going through a tumbler are stolen, you're going to receive stolen coins back, they just won't be linked to the coins to started with. I recently came across an article that clearly articulates what a tumbler intends to accomplish.

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The analogy they gave was a collection plate at a church:. You may have seen collection bags that go around churches, where you put a bill in your closed fist and stick your hand in the bag, so no one knows how much you put in or took out. Imagine that we come up with a cryptographic protocol where I donate some amount to the local church's collection bag, so do others however much they desire , and after the bag has made it through the congregation, I stick my hand in again and take out exactly as much as I put in during the first round from the same collection bag.

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  • In essence, we swap our bills so as to throw off anyone who may have recorded the serial numbers and is watching the coins. That's, roughly speaking, what happens in tumblers…. The way bitcoin transactions work causes them to be chained together in a permanent public record. They are traceable along the blockchain from one bitcoin address to another.

    A bitcoin laundry breaks this chain by having two independent wallets, receiving bitcoins to one wallet and sending them from another wallet. Instead of the transaction being a permanent public record, only the bitcoin laundry knows where the bitcoins came from and where they went. The end result is that the bitcoins can't be traced directly through the blockchain.

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    What are Bitcoin Mixers aka Coin Tumbling? : Simply Explained!

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