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Of course, hindsight is always but nonetheless, it is one of many regrets for me. Firstly, I see bitcoin as digital gold.

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As we transition to a digital economy, bitcoin will eventually challenge gold as a global store of value. Like gold, bitcoin is limited in its supply. Bitcoin is limited to only 21 million. Bitcoin is divisible, verifiable, portable, and transferable. With the continuous printing of money, bitcoin has been viewed as an asset similar to gold in the modern world as a hedge against inflation.

A good article on this can be read hERE. My next reason for investing in bitcoin is its sheer potential upside. Or even as a global settlement network for banks as businesses.

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Payment systems like Square Inc have bought into bitcoin. The potential is there. Unfortunately, this promo is for new users only. The full promo rules can be accessed hERE. Please go through them carefully to meet the criteria for that RM As of 30 April , my crypto portfolio worth RM3, consists of the following. Join my mailing list to get a FREE basic financial plan, as well as notifications of new posts when they are published.

I am a certified financial planner with the Financial Planning Association of Malaysia, a passionate investor looking for financial independence as well as hoping to educate Malaysians on financial literacy. Aiming to become financially independent by 35 years old, I enjoy living a frugal lifestyle with the occasional lavish spending while meticulously adding to my portfolio of dividend growth stocks. This is my promise to you. View this post on Instagram. Learn Investing Join my mailing list to get a FREE basic financial plan, as well as notifications of new posts when they are published.

Also, our our FB Group where we hope to have some more enlightened discussions on investing. Onwards and upwards! Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Newest Oldest Most Voted. Inline Feedbacks. Load More Comments. Would love your thoughts, please comment. As bitcoin is finite, once 21 million bitcoin is mined, bitcoin will become a deflationary currency.

Supply will reduce causing prices to rise as long as there is continued demand for bitcoin. Miners receive compensation in the form of minting money and transaction fees for processing transactions into new blocks. Once 21,, BTC is mined, miners will only receive transaction fee as compensation.

Compared to conventional fund transfers, bitcoin transactions have lower fees and are faster. A typical transaction takes only minutes and this is a big advantage especially when you are looking to transfer a large amount to recipients globally. Bitcoin is also very useful in places or occurrences of capital controls, shortage of cash, or financial disasters E. While it was once considered as being hipster for small stores to accept bitcoin, today even major merchants i.

Microsoft, Dell, Starbucks also accept bitcoin payments. For investors, bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency and may offer very high returns at the risk of higher volatility. Bitcoin is increasingly well-known and efforts are to make bitcoin publicly traded. To store your Bitcoin, you will need a wallet that can store Bitcoin.

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You will also need to buy Bitcoin from an exchange, or individual. You will want a reputable, secure, and low-fee Bitcoin exchange. Advanced users may want to consider hold a separate wallet that is not linked to an exchange for increased security. Bitcoin is very speculative, may end up being worth very much OR worthless, and possibly in a bubble. A good way to start is to buy just a small amount of RMRM1, worth of bitcoin to familiarize with how Bitcoin works.

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It is recommended to store the bulk of your Bitcoin in your own paper wallet which is offline and therefore not subject to hacks and cyber-attacks. You can leave a small amount of funds in an exchange for easy trading or transfer purposes.

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You and others can now transfer funds into your Bitcoin wallet using the public Bitcoin Address or QR code. Besides Bitcoin, there are many other cryptocurrencies. The leading alternatives to Bitcoin are Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin. Libra Mission: A simple global currency and financial infrastructure that empowers billions of people. If not, you will need to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum first and then exchange it other cryptocurrencies via sites like Shapeshift or Changelly. To transfer over you will need a wallet that supports the cryptocurrency. For example, here is a wallet for Ethereum. Make sure that your transfer is to a wallet that is for the exact same cryptocurrency you are transferring to!

Q: Is Bitcoin taxable in Malaysia? Not as an investment.

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  • However, if you actively trade, you are likely liable for tax via the tax authorities LHDN. Income generated will be treated similar to business income Income Tax Act section 3. You are less liable to be taxed if it is a capital gain, passive, occasional, unplanned or unsystematic. Q: Is Bitcoin a scam or like money games? Japan officially recognizes Bitcoin and digital currencies as money.

    Malaysia does recognized Bitcoin as legal tender and will not regulate bitcoin operations. Legality of bitcoin by country or territory wikipedia. Q: Is Bitcoin in a bubble? The price of btc has moved very rapidly in the last 12 months. Bitcoin price, like currencies, is driven by supply and demand.

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