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There is vital autonomy and unanimous consensus in dApps and any change made, must be made along the entire length of the blockchain. Therefore, the code must be available open for everyone to check it. The validators are incentivised with cryptographic tokens Ether to perform the task. A consensus mechanism provides proof of value to the decentralised app. Users agree on a consensus protocol through an algorithm that generates valuable crypto tokens. Smart contracts are legal contracts that harness blockchain technology to make them immutable.

In other words, they cannot be changed or broken because the peer-to-peer Ethereum network makes it impossible to do so. In other words, a smart contract has the ultimate authority and no-one can overrule the contract, not even the person who wrote and deployed it. The limitation of smart contracts is there is no room for negotiation.

For example, where there may be extenuating circumstances and some leeway is required. As soon as a smart contract appears on the Ethereum network, it cannot be corrected , changed or deleted unless you can convince the entire Ethereum network to make that change and that involves hundreds of thousands of people participating around the globe. Ethereum functions as a decentralised app store where the dApps are smart contracts.

You need cryptocurrency to transact on Ethereum and so Ether was created. Ether is used primarily to incentivise people to run the Ethereum P2P protocol on their computers. The cost of the action petrol or gas is paid in Ether. When people talk about the price of Ethereum, they are actually referring to Ether. When Ether was first introduced to the market, it cost about 40 cents to buy one Ether. Today, one Ether is valued in hundreds of dollars.

Ether ETH is the second-most valuable blockchain currency after Bitcoin. Ethereum is a technology platform and not a cryptocurrency. Therefore, you cannot directly compare Ethereum with Bitcoin.

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The financial token that people trade with on Ethereum is Ether ETH and this cryptocurrency is traded on the global currency market in the same way as Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a distributed peer-to-peer P2P digital currency that can be transferred instantaneously and securely between two parties, no matter where they are in the world. Bitcoin was created to replace fiat currencies, in other words global currencies that we trade with on a day-to-day basis. Ethereum is a Super-computer that is used to create dApps that produce code known as smart contracts.

To incentivise the people that keep the Ethereum super-computer running, a cryptocurrency called Ether was created. Ethereum is mined the same way as Bitcoin. Computers around the world compete to solve complex mathematical problems or puzzles. The first computer to solve the mathematical problem is allowed to mine the next block of Ethereum or Bitcoin transactions. The miners are rewarded for their efforts in Ether or Bitcoin, depending on whether they have mined Ethereum or Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency mining is intensive problem solving that requires a lot of processing power and time.

Miners participate in a peer-to-peer P2P network and are rewarded in cryptocurrency for providing solutions to complex mathematical problems.

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All the information in an Ethereum transaction is embedded in a data block. Each block is linked to several other blocks which creates a blockchain. These blocks must be analysed as fast as possible to keep the Ethereum platform running smoothly and effectively. A miner devotes his or her time, computer processing space and energy to analysing, processing and verifying blocks within the peer-to-peer network. In the case of Ethereum, the miner is rewarded in Ether.

Firstly, Ethereum is the technology platform; it is not a currency. The cryptocurrency of Ethereum is Ether, and the reason Ether exists is to incentivise and motivate nodes to develop and deploy highly secure smart contracts.