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Because they have not begun the -deprecatedrpc flag process. One way of thinking about this might be to distinguish between possibly minor deprecations, like removing an RPC input argument or result field, and removing an existing RPC completely. Another approach is to think in terms of estimating or verifying current usage and how much upgrade pain it would ask of users. Review is scarce, and one consequence of that is when a particular section of code is being touched and reviewed, it is often an opportune moment to make — or be asked to make — changes touching the same code, while effort and eyes are on it.

This PR is an illustration of that. Then, Bitcoin Core maintainer laanwj proposed, while updating this code, to add displaying the balance per wallet.

It was first marked as deprecated in v0. This outwardly fun and simple request ended up raising a few unexpected questions for me. While working on it, it struck me that it might not only be cleaner to implement by adding a new RPC, but also perhaps more useful. The -getinfo code is in the GetinfoRequestHandler class starting at line Under the hood, -getinfo performs multiple requests to various RPC calls, namely to getnetworkinfo , getblockchaininfo , and getwalletinfo , and presents the results in a hopefully user-friendly output.

In the first commit , -getinfo is changed to replace using getwalletinfo. In the second commit , a small RPC, tentatively called getwalletbalances , is created to fetch the ismine. The RPC is undocumented in the help for now , but it can be called from the command line to use and test it.

The third and final commit changes -getinfo to call getwalletbalances instead of getbalances and adds functional test coverage for the change. Did you review the PRs? Is the getunconfirmedbalance RPC deprecated? How about the getwalletinfo balance fields? Do you prefer extending existing RPCs or adding dedicated ones for this?

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Which calls might be good candidates for updates? What new calls might be needed? What is the process for deprecating APIs? When should they be deprecated, when are they actually deprecated, and when should they be removed? Adding APIs. When should we add an RPC call versus extending an existing one? How should we extend the API in the future to handle multiple wallets?

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Adding RPCs or extending them Review is scarce, and one consequence of that is when a particular section of code is being touched and reviewed, it is often an opportune moment to make — or be asked to make — changes touching the same code, while effort and eyes are on it. Commits In the first commit , -getinfo is changed to replace using getwalletinfo.

3. The Bitcoin Client - Mastering Bitcoin [Book]

Questions Did you review the PRs? And removal? Jump in at any time to comment or ask questions. Let's start off by seeing how we can have a peek into the mempool ourselves using the bitcoin-cli command line interface bundled with our Bitcoin Core client installation. Here we have invoked the help parameter for bitcoin-cli and grepped it for any reference to mempool. Based on the help command for getmempoolinfo , let's have a look at the active state of our own nodes mempool. Here we can see some statistics related to the state of our local mempool which reports to have a size of 0 , meaning that it is empty.

Not all that exciting to be honest, so let's add a transaction and see how this works. Note The bitcoin-cli interface uses a local wallet assuming this has not been disabled by explicitly setting the disablewallet configuration parameter to 1 in our bitcoin. You might also need to generate some blocks if you don't have enough funds. Doing this in regtest mode is one of the advantages by simply issuing the following command. By default, mining rewards are only spendable after confirmations, so if you have setup a new node, you will need to generate at least blocks before the getbalance command will reflect a spendable balance.

Next, we will need an address to which we can spend some bitcoin.

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For the sake of this tutorial, we'll generate an address from our own wallet for crediting. Based on the result, we can now see that getmempoolinfo is reporting that we have a size of 1 transaction. Before we continue though, let's try getting information on our spendable bitcoin by using the getbalance rpc call. Since we sent ourselves one coin, you might expect that we'd be left with 50 bitcoin, however this is the amount reported after deducting our mining fee which we'll cover later.

A more interesting point to observe though is the following. So what's happening here?

How to get other wallet's balance using dash-cli

Well, the getbalance rpc call implicitly returns a balance based on 0 confirmations. What we have requested here is to shown our balance assuming we have at least 1 confirmation for existing unspent transaction outputs UTXO's! This is evident knowing that we have a pending transaction in the mempool which is waiting to get mined. Also worth nothing that we have no spendable utxo's as our previous single utxo of 50 bitcoin was used to create a uxto for 1 and another as change back to ourselves for the remained.

Let's have a closer look at the state of our mempool again. To the observant, you might have noticed that this command returned the same hexadecimal value as that after executing our sendtoaddress command earlier. This is our transaction identified TXID. You're welcome to try and add more transactions using the sendtoaddress command.

Notice how these start piling up as we add more to the mempool. Note Reusing the same bitcoin address is discouraged for security purposes and only demonstrated here for the sake of simplicity. For more on why this is not a good idea, checkout Address reuse on the bitcoin wiki. So we're filling that up nicely, but what if we'd like to get a more detailed view of this? This can be achieved by simply passing true as the first argument to the getrawmempool rpc call. Here we can see a more in-depth view related to the details of our pending transaction.

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You will also notice that when we subtract the fee of 0. For more information relating to these pending transaction properties checkout bitcoin-cli help getrawmempool. We can simulate processing these transaction by mining a single block and rechecking the mempool.

Great work! You might wish to reconcile this with your listunspent call from earlier, but this should give the the basic hand of things. Sometimes it might be useful to simulate times when the bitcoin network is dealing with a backlog of transactions. These are usually prioritized by miners for inclusion into blocks. You could go about filling up the mempool by doing the following. Seems to happily chug along, sometimes with errors occurring whenever the internal coin selection process tries to spend utxo's which have not yet been confirmed.