Big bitcoin heist

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Coincheck's computer system was compromised in the January cyberattack, with the 58 billion yen in NEM transferred out. Investigators traced the accounts at conventional cryptocurrency exchanges through which the hacked NEM was converted, according to the source, leading to the identification of the 30 or so people.

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"Big Bitcoin Heist": 600 powerful computers stolen in Iceland

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Japan immigration Scammers threaten Chinese in Japan with 'forced deportation'. Others believe they are stashed somewhere in Iceland, which makes one wonder what the initial crime aimed to achieve. Five hundred Bitcoin mining machines are installed in Iceland each day. Low electricity prices, thanks to abundant geothermal energy, and chilly temperatures, contribute to one of the best national grids on earth for crypto-diggers.

Suspect in Iceland’s ‘Big Bitcoin Heist’ escapes prison

This year Iceland will expend more electricity on Bitcoin than powering homes for its , citizens. Iceland even has its own cryptocurrency, Auroracoin. But Bitcoin is helping bring tech talent to a tiny nation whose domestic scene is already flourishing — and should continue to do so.

And if anything, the Big Bitcoin Heist has brought that rise into sharp focus.