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But the mining companies have for the moment captured the growth of the current bitcoin bull cycle as a result of their spending. They saw wild trading in the bitcoin boom of , too.

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Now they have also attracted attention from some of the market's newest forces, as a recent Bloomberg piece noted of the bitcoin miners getting discussed within the WallStreetBets message board on Reddit which fueled the mania in shares of GameStop. There are fits and starts and pullbacks, but we still have lots of room to grow here," Shimron said in an interview with CNBC.

It is the broader bull market in cryptocurrency that has fueled the miners and Shimon thinks that can continue in , driven by macroeconomic and demographic factors. Fears of inflation will support bitcoin prices, and even amid recent yield pressure from the year Treasury which can act on cryptocurrency as it does on technology stocks, he said it is clear from Fed signalling that the central bank wants to keep its dovish policies in place until Another driving force is continued adoption of new digital technology and digital assets from younger investors.

To them it's not crazy to interact with money in a purely digital way," he told CNBC. Last week, Morgan Stanley became the first big Wall Street bank to offer its wealthy clients access to bitcoin. There already are ways into the crypto market other than the underlying currencies, such as the exchanges which trade coin and soon will be available to more investors.

The latest attempt at the Securities and Exchange Commission was filed mid-March by VanEck ETFs, but with investors not holding out high hopes the SEC will approve a bitcoin fund soon, they are looking elsewhere for cryptocurrency investment ideas that go beyond buying bitcoin itself.

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Shimon, who ran an early-stage cryptocurrency and blockchain venture fund before joining Fundstrat, said he does view the miners as being a foundation for the crypto space. After making the "smart move" during the bitcoin bear market to build out operations, current tech sector supply chain shortages caused by Covid may further help the positioning of these miners after the capital they have already put into specialized machines for the space.

Still, like many traders and hedge funds do with gold miners and small-cap oil explorers, he is inclined to trade the bitcoin miners in a bull market run, rather than see them as investments to hold for the long-term. The miners have faced criticism over the huge amounts of electricity required in bitcoin operations , but Shimron's view comes down to the financials and market performance. He says there is plenty to criticize about the fiat currency system's impact on the world, too.

It evaporated in mere days. Hwang and the team determine the best path forward. One part of the answer is that Hwang set up as a family office with limited oversight and then employed financial derivatives to amass big stakes in companies without ever having to disclose them. Another part is that global banks embraced him as a lucrative customer, despite a record of insider trading and attempted market manipulation that drove him out of the hedge fund business a decade ago. Family offices that exclusively manage one fortune are generally exempt from registering as investment advisers with the U.

Securities and Exchange Commission. That approach makes sense for small family offices, but if they swell to the size of a hedge fund whale they can still pose risks, this time to outsiders in the broader market. For a time after the SEC case, Goldman refused to do business with him on compliance grounds, but relented as rivals profited by meeting his needs.

Swaps also enable investors to add a lot of leverage to a portfolio. Banks may own shares for a variety of reasons that include hedging swap exposures from trades with their customers. Even as his fortune swelled, the something kept a low profile. Hwang is a trustee of the Fuller Theology Seminary, and co-founder of the Grace and Mercy Foundation, whose mission is to serve the poor and oppressed.

HUGE Bitcoin Crash IN 2021 - \

Bloomberg Markets -- It was a bleak moment for the oil industry. Petrostates were on the brink of bankruptcy. Texas roughnecks and Kuwaiti princes alike had watched helplessly for months as the commodity that was their lifeblood tumbled to prices that had until recently seemed unthinkable. It was January Bob Dudley had been at the helm of BP Plc for six years. He ought to have had as much reason to panic as anyone in the rest of his industry.

The unflashy American had been predicting lower prices for months. He was being proved right, though that was hardly a reason to celebrate. Unlike most of his peers, Dudley was no passive observer. At the heart of BP, far removed from the sprawling network of oil fields, refineries, and service stations that the company is known for, sits a vast trading unit, combining the logistical prowess of an air traffic control center with the master-of-the-universe swagger of a macro hedge fund.

Oil prices had been under pressure ever since Saudi Arabia launched a price war against U. It was a nadir that would be reached again only in March , when the Saudis launched another price war, this time targeting Russia, just as the coronavirus pandemic sapped global demand. Wearing a dark suit and blue tie, the BP chief executive officer made his way through the snowy streets. After one meeting, he was asked—as usual—for his oil forecast by a gaggle of journalists. And, in complete secrecy, the company was putting money behind its conviction.

Shortly before flying to Davos, Dudley had authorized a daring trade: BP would place a large bet on a rebound in oil prices.

Cryptocurrency bubble

Although its stock is in the FTSE index and owned by almost every British pension fund, this wager, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, has remained a closely guarded secret until now. BP was already heavily exposed to the price of oil. What the traders wanted to do was double down, to increase the exposure by buying futures contracts much as a hedge fund would. And Dudley agreed. Quietly, BP bought Brent crude futures traded in London. The optimistic coda Dudley attached to his catchphrase in Davos proved prescient. Bloomberg Markets pieced together the story of these lucrative but secretive operations through interviews with more than two dozen current and former traders and executives, some of which were conducted for The World for Sale, our new book on the history of commodity trading.

The oil majors trade in physical energy markets, buying tankers of crude, gasoline, and diesel. And they do the same in natural gas and power markets via pipelines and electricity grids. But they do more than that: They also speculate in financial markets, buying and selling futures, options, and other financial derivatives in energy markets and beyond—from corn to metals—and closing deals with hedge funds, private equity firms, and investment banks.

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As little known as their trading is to the outside world, BP, Shell, and Total see it as the heart of their business. In years of low prices, like or , trading profits can far exceed those of the production business. One reason profits are so high is because the three companies can reduce their trading tax bill by routing their business through low-tax jurisdictions—a strategy not available to their oil pumping and refining businesses, which are rooted in physical infrastructure in particular countries. Shell, for example, concentrates all its trading of West African and Latin American crude via a subsidiary in the Bahamas.

Even better for the trio, trading profits tend to soar when markets are oversupplied, as was the case in and again in , helping to cushion the blow of low prices on the traditional business of pumping and refining oil.

History and regulators suggest a big reversal will come at some point

Trading also gives them an edge over their U. For most shareholders, however, the trading business is a black box. Together the three companies trade almost 30 million barrels a day of oil and other petroleum products, equal to the daily production of the entire OPEC cartel. Shell alone trades about 12 million barrels a day. The paper volumes are much larger. Total, for example, trades 6. With trading comes risk. There are very few risk-free trades. BP, Shell, and Total declined to comment for this article.

Then, in the first half of the 20th century, oil trading simply ceased to exist as the biggest producers squeezed others out of the picture. A few large companies came to dominate the industry, underpinned by their agreements to divvy up the oil resources of the Middle East. BP was emblematic of the era. Already early traders such as Marc Rich, who founded the company that is today Glencore, were finding ways to trade oil outside the control of the Seven Sisters on the nascent spot market. The big oil companies regarded trading as beneath them and looked down on the upstarts, but they would soon be forced to think differently.

The Iranian revolution of at a stroke dispossessed BP of much of its oil production.

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  4. The company was forced to turn to the spot market that it had long disdained to buy the oil its refineries needed. Soon BP was doing much more than just buying oil for its own refineries.

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    Andy Hall, then a young graduate working in its scheduling department in New York, would go on to be one of the most successful oil traders in history after leaving BP. He recalls that he started buying any oil that looked cheap, whether BP needed it or not, figuring to resell it at a profit. As an article at the time noted, the decline was not the first huge drawdown the cryptocurrency had seen. Not even close. On Nov. Admittedly, of late the volatility has eased somewhat relative to early trading. Wider adoption and a larger investor base should continue that moderation going forward.

    Will Bitcoin Crash? Not Below $48K, Blockchain Data Suggests

    Bitcoin can move north in a hurry, but it also can move, and has moved, south at roughly the same pace. The first is simply the parabolic gains not just in BTC, but across asset classes.

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    Commodities have taken off. There are going to be crashes elsewhere, whether in cryptos, stocks, or commodities. And those crashes may well read across to Bitcoin. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has repeatedly and publicly raised concerns about cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. But she can impact potentially bullish catalysts, like the long-awaited launch of an exchange-traded fund which would need to be approved by the U.

    Securities and Exchange Commission. It stands to reason that at least some of the incremental buyers since December are not diehard crypto adherents, who believe Bitcoin can disintermediate large financial institutions. In fact, for a couple of reasons, an investor can believe that both a Bitcoin will crash again and b Bitcoin still is worth owning right now. First, the crash may still be a long ways off — and more upside may follow.