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We talk about the recent history of Venezuela and how people are using Bitcoin to protect their income. In this episode, I talk with Jameson Lopp, my first returning guest. Jameson recently left BitGo to work on custody solutions at Casa. In this interview, we talk about Casa, their approach to security, Bitcoin scaling and the Lightning Network.

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  2. DeFi Is a ‘Complete Scam,’ Says Controversial Entrepreneur Craig Wright.
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We talk about censorship, Bitcoin scaling and the Lightning Network, explicitly looking at fees and the relationship between LN and the Bitcoin main chain. We talk about the branding of Bitcoin as Bitcoin Core, scaling, economic freedom and the separation of money and state.


In this episode, I talk with Don Mosites, one of the co-founders of Airswap, a decentralised marketplace for the buying and selling of ERC20 tokens. In this interview, we talk about the challenges of security, liquidity and pricing with the platform.

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We discuss market manipulation, institutional investment in Crypto, platforms and how Robert became a prominent voice for Crypto on YouTube and Twitter. Back Step by Step Guide Resources. Read More.


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DeFi Is a ‘Complete Scam,’ Says Controversial Entrepreneur Craig Wright

The explanation I was looking for, to a concept that at first sounded SO Bizzare!! BUT, it's real and this book will give you the information needed to get started using this means of monetary transfer. No joke , I could see things going to this on a certain level but doubt it's long term viability.

I mean Really, it depends totally on computers and the power grid.

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Where the blankety blank is my blanken money!!! Oh, I'm so sorry Dave I don't think you really have any money in your account anymore! One person found this helpful. This book explains a lot about digital fiat currency.

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But it was written too soon in the experiment and is quite misleading for people who are already boggled with the FED fractional reserve banking ponzy scheme. Informative on the Bitcoin arena that I had no true knowledge of.

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  • I got info I was looking for. I would recommend it to those looking for a clear understanding of the bitcoin. If you want to read about why central banks and people like Paul Krugmann don't like Bitcoin, this is the book for you. If you are looking for a book about how Bitcoin works, you can find that information in here with some digging, but you will be better served by other books.

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