Psu for asrock h110 pro btc+

Currently undervolted at mV.

ASRock H Pro BTC+ Motherboard - ASRock :

Don't know where to target next. Using Ethos distro. I'm assuming my memory clocks should be lowered? Howdy, Stranger! Sign In Register.

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Categories Vega Finally Unleashed! Fine-tuned performance and power consumption in a single chassis. March in Mining. Pretty much, I'm maxing out the PSUs. They are noisy as hell, as I can see they are maxing their limit. I'd like to replace them, to platinum W that are whisper quiet, or not as irritating, no screeching. How do people work this out? Another question is, I have power cable for the PSU connected to the wattmeter, before plugging to wall.

I can feel that the wattmeter is about to give, as the prongs are loose already. I assume due to high heat, the contact is loose. I wonder how I can address this problem as I prefer to have power cable plugged to wattmeter before the wall. This way, I can see how much power draw from wall I'm using. I'm using a pretty thick power cord as it is. And yet, I believe the ends prongs in the power cord may heat up in prolonged operation, hence affecting the wattmeter, and it's prongs connected to the wall.

March I use Corsair PSU. The entire rig is quiet, to the point I forget its running most of the time and have to check and make sure its still alive.

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To answer your first question, I would spend the extra 75 and get a as you get even more connections. Something like this corsair. I believe that PSU is very expensive. March edited March Yup, overclocked, undervolt. New posts Trending Search forums. What's new.

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AsRock H110 Pro BTC Motherboard: Overview, Features, Installation

Learn how you can help 60, kids get the gear they need to learn remotely! Can't find fitting psu. Thread starter andric. Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Hardware Systems.

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Feb 7, 24 0 0. If you can tell me a couple alternatives.

Asrock h110 Pro BTC+ 10 GPU build.

Snipergod87 Splendid. May 26, 5, 2 29, You are going to need high wattage power supplies to power that, no single power supply can do 12 GTX TI's, not a chance. If it is not a problem for you to send me a couple of examples of witch ones. I assume you know roughly what your power draw would be for each GPU?

This information should be available online, with this you can calculate the wattage and of power supplies needed Also if you are in north America, say if you need 3x w PSU's, make sure they are plugged into 3 different v 15A circuits otherwise you will trip a breaker once you apply a load. Can also look into server power supplies they can be cheaper but have to be modified to work with multi GPU's.

ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ ATX Mining Motherboard

Thank you very much. And if you don't mind to tell me which wallet would be best to use for smOS mining. I have no idea, although storing your funds in an offline wallet is the best choice when it comes to security, nobody wants their hard earned money taken when an exchange gets hacked. Would this one be fine? And do i really need 3 or is 2 enough?

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At minimum 2 of those for w each, I cannot speak to those units quality or efficiency if it is really gold rated , a single Ti is w TDP when mining can be tuned up or down , multiply this by 12 and you get w, with 2x 1. So i can get a weaker psu? Which one would you recommend me and how much watts do you recommend? Its difficult to find good low capacity psu's so you might be looking at something in the w range, higher efficiency is better but you wont be pulling alot of power out of the smaller unit.

Do you have any reccomendations? And also should i connect gpus to w and everything else to w? Those listed earlier at 1. If you did get 2x 1. And yes it would be GPU's to the 1. Thank you very much for the help. Do you think this one could do the job for gtx ti?

Yes, you will need a seperate power supply for the system itself as it looks like it only outputs 12v, and the motherboard and other components need power from the 3. Would this one to a good job for that? You must log in or register to reply here. Systems 2 Aug 11, X Question Will this build be fit for purpose? Systems 13 May 10, Question Will this build be fit for purpose?