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But what about tracking coins?

The database that records these movements is called the block chain. It is massive, constantly growing, and publicly available.

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If someone knew your Bitcoin address, he could easily look up exactly how many coins you have, when you spent them, and where they went. If you wanted to, you could obfuscate the link between this pseudonym and your identity by creating more addresses and shuffling your coins around, but honestly, who has time for that? Essentially, Zerocoin works like a money laundering pool.

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If the protocol is implemented, anyone with a bitcoin could spend it to create a temporary new currency called a zerocoin, the existence of which is recorded alongside bitcoins on the block chain. The bitcoins spent on these zerocoins are deposited into an escrow pool, and users can come back at any time, turn in their zerocoins, and redeem them for bitcoins. But the bitcoins they get out are not the same ones they put in.

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The concept of a laundering pool is not new. The allure of Zerocoin is in anonymizing the act of jumping in and out of the pool. Peck spoke to Green to find out how this works. Now, I can come back with a mask on, or I can give it to my friend and he goes back. He exchanges his token, and he takes out a totally different dollar.

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Morgen E. Below are some of the benefits of reporting scams or thefts, and instructions for reporting them: Bitcoin Scam Alerts. Report the Scam It's essential to tag every scam address so that transactions with it can be detected and avoided. There are no bitcoin police. The community has to step up. May 12, Mar 20, Jul 18, Jan 19, Mar 19, Initial commit.

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