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Maybe a little late. Still in time for the break with high resistance.. Since then it has steadily dropped from 28 euro's to Where at first it looked like it has found its bottem there.

Amro Bank - Euro-next Amsterdam , has a good opportunity if it cross above 8. Let's see! It did not enjoy the steady recovery other stocks made after the march correction, making it a prime candidate for investment. This Dutch bank is very well funded and healthy, large dutch gov. ABN is in a descending wedge for quite some time now and with all the pump craziness there is a chance of breakout.

We can expect to go up after reaching the Stop loss : With general market weakness and a rapidly detiorating banking sector, we are looking for good short-entries.

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ABN Amro is in an overall downtrend. On this pullback we already hit major resistance 3 times, and is about to reverse again. Wait for confirmation, with the stop loss and targets as shown.

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It also issues, promotes, manages, and processes credit cards; and provides revolving credit card facilities and pension schemes, as well as Internet banking services for savings accounts and mortgages. This segment serves individuals and small businesses. The Commercial Banking segment offers asset-based solution, including equipment leases and finance; and working capital funding on debtors and inventory to business clients and clients in the commercial real estate industry.

The company also provides administrative services for mortgage loans. White Paper Declaration.

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