Bitcoin wannacry wallet

While law enforcement advised against paying the ransom, saying that it would only fund further acts of cyber criminality, victims appear to have done so in their hundreds to try and get their data back.

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Since the attack, few anticipated that the ransom money would move. Part of the ransomware program gave the addresses of the digital wallets to victims and therefore law enforcement, which has been tracking them ever since. While bitcoin is considered a pseudonymous currency that cannot be tracked in the same way as traditional currencies, monitoring its movement is possible due to the way transactions are written into a distributed ledger called the blockchain. That makes turning ill-gotten gains into traditional currencies harder to do anonymously.

WannaCry ransomware bitcoins move from online wallets

To do so requires the use of techniques such as a bitcoin mixer or tumbler, which intentionally confuses the trails of bitcoin transactions to protect the anonymity of the bitcoin owners. The ransomware attack, which has been linked to North Korea , is thought to be at least partially politically driven rather than an outright move for money.

As a piece of ransomware designed to extort users, WannaCry was a victim of its own success hitting large firms and spreading across networks using holes in Windows XP and Windows 7 to propagate far and wide. But while ransomware targeting business and institutions causes large amounts of disruption, such as reducing some NHS hospitals to emergency care only and forcing them back to pen and paper, businesses are unlikely to pay the ransom.

Transactions over the bitcoin network hide the user's identity. But since the blockchain is public, it is very easy to track the flow of the currency from any known public key. In order to launder the ransom received, the hackers will most probably try to transfer the coins to another cryptocurrency like Monero.

WannaCry crooks cash out their ransom

Monero is an altcoin which provides more privacy to its users as compared to bitcoin. These were the three bitcoin addresses which the hackers had sent to receive ransom payment.

Crystal Blockchain Presents: WannaCry Analysis

The move by the hackers is not random and seems to be quite calculated. On August 1, bitcoin split into two and a new currency called bitcoin cash was born.

All bitcoin users who held their private keys or had stored their coin on an exchange which supported both the versions of the currency post the hard fork, got an equal amount of bitcoin cash as well. This means that the hackers most likely received around 52 bitcoin cash BCH as well. Now here comes the math. This means the hackers can garner around USD 1,63, or Rs 1,04,,10 over Rs 1 crore , as per the rupee's closing price against the US dollar on Thursday.