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Looking for the most secure place to buy BTC? I have collected the best-rated crypto exchanges that were approved as the safest platforms for buying BTC below, so take a look. Every cryptocurrency has its own set of rules. These include: how information is recorded, what transaction fees users will pay and what rewards they can earn. These rules are called its protocol.

Bitcoin Diamond Increases Block Size

Sometimes changes are made to the protocol. These are the users who support the network and carry out important tasks on it. Try to think of them like software upgrades.

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There are two different kinds of forks ;. They were unhappy with the way that Bitcoin was working and thought they could improve it.

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Evey and named their improved protocol, Bitcoin Diamond. Note : Miners are Bitcoin users who do special tasks which help to process Bitcoin transactions. They pla y a vital role in the Bitcoin community.

Bitcoin Diamond

Team Evey and Team wrote changes into the Bitcoin protocol that they hoped would achieve these goals. The Bitcoin Diamond fork happened on November 24, The fork affected the whole Bitcoin community. Following the Bitcoin Diamond fork, the Diamond coin entered the market in style! One week after the fork, the Diamond coin was worth By November 25, the price had gone up to The price of Diamond coin has since dropped to an unimpressive 2. The market is becoming very crowded with Bitcoin fork coins and only the ones with the best protocols will succeed. Bitcoin Diamond coin could win over a lot of Bitcoin users with its faster transaction times , lower fees and easier access to new users.

Bitcoin is a hugely popular coin but it can be quite difficult to use! A network offering these features will also appeal to small businesses dealing in low priced, high-volume goods like coffee or fast food. However, in my opinion, the price of Bitcoin Diamond will have to be more stable before it attracts any big-brand clients like Starbucks or McDonalds.

Note: A wallet is a software application or hardware drive that stores important access codes for your cryptocurrency. You can also use a paper wallet to store your access codes. It can be hard to find wallets that support new coins. There are eight sites offering a Bitcoin Diamond wallet at the moment. Each is software wallets offering mobile, web and desktop storage. Both can be used as a Bitcoin Diamond wallet. I always recommend using a mix of software and hardware wallets.

If you're looking for a reliable exchange, you should check out Binance , and if you want to have a secure hardware wallet to keep your crypto, Ledger Nano S is one of the most recommended options. In some ways, Bitcoin Diamond transactions are very similar to normal Bitcoin transactions. The two share a lot of the same code from the Bitcoin Core protocol. Bitcoin and BCD are networks where users can store and transfer information. All this information is stored in huge databases called blockchains. A blockchain is a very long list of all the transactions that have ever been made on the network.

Blockchains are stored across thousands of computers called nodes. Miners play an important role in processing transactions on both the Bitcoin network and on the Bitcoin Diamond network. Each platform takes about 10 minutes to process one block of transaction information. For more information about the role of miners on the blockchain, check out my Blockchain Explained guide! Both networks are also planning on using the lightning network to speed up transaction times. Evey and have announced that BCD will start using the lightning network on July 31, Note : The lightning network will allow users to form mini-networks where real-time transactions can take place away from the main blockchain.

These transactions are then checked and added to the main blockchain as a whole. This takes a lot of pressure off the main network. Remember, BCD aims to be faster, cheaper and easier to access than Bitcoin. Blockchains are a very safe way to store and transfer information.

The Long Answer: Introduction

Big companies like Visa, Google, and Facebook store our information on a limited number of central servers. If these servers are attacked, our information can be put at risk. Blockchains spread our information across thousands of different computers. This makes attacking a blockchain extremely difficult!

One of the main safety features of blockchain technology is encryption.

Lightning Network Implementation with BCD

Private personal information is hidden using computer code. Some critics of Bitcoin think that not enough user information is encrypted.

What is Bitcoin Diamond? - BCD Beginners Guide

For example, all transactions and their amounts can be seen by anyone using the Bitcoin network. This can make tracing the real identities of users fairly easy for governments and other organizations.

What Are Bitcoin Forks?

The team behind Bitcoin Diamond wanted to encrypt more user information. However, they have recently decided not to add more privacy features to BCD. They feel that governments will soon start passing laws that stop cryptocurrencies from hiding user data. In a statement published on Medium , the team noted Japan and Russia as examples of this trend. Such news might disappoint a lot of crypto fans who value privacy. The real risks that Bitcoin Diamond coin faces are scammers who target the release of new hard-fork cryptocurrencies.

Who are these scammers and what is BCD doing about them? New hard-fork coins are often abused in the confusion following their launch. Whenever new coin forks from the Bitcoin network, holders of Bitcoin are targeted by scammers. Instead of getting free Diamond coin they lost their Bitcoin deposit! If you hold Bitcoin, you should be very careful with your coins when hard forks happen. Always use a combination of hardware and software wallets. It remains to be seen how the Bitcoin Diamond network will respond to these concerns since avoiding centralization in any form was proclaimed as one of the reasons for its fork from the Bitcoin blockchain.

In any case, the developers described the implementation of the Lightning Network as an ongoing process marked by field testing and gradual adoption in line with its performance in the field. With its price going above six thousand US dollars, it has arguably become hard for an average user to afford acquiring this currency. Bitcoin Diamond went for a different approach and significantly increased the total supply of its coins to million BCD, compared to 21 million BTC. According to the Bitcoin Diamond developers, increasingly slow transactions on Bitcoin were not the only problems the platform had to contend with.

It also faced the issues of increasingly high payment threshold payments for new and prospective users. In order to achieve this, Bitcoin Diamond also went for lower transactions fees which were perceived as being too high in case of Bitcoin. At the same time, this drive towards greater accessibility is supposed to make Bitcoin Diamond more readily adopted among the small and medium enterprises and users looking for the cryptocurrency suitable for smaller transactions with inexpensive products.