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Even if it the money was his, he wouldn't have had access to the keys necessary to move it. The government's forfeiture complaint offers an answer to that mystery: The address the coins had been moved to in belonged not to Ulbricht but to a hacker who had stolen them. With the help of blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis, IRS investigators found 54 transactions moving 70,plus bitcoins from Silk Road addresses—transactions that Elliptic says occurred in —to the two other addresses Elliptic had flagged on Tuesday.

The transactions were for round amounts of currency, and none appeared in the Silk Road's own logs as purchases or vendor withdrawals, suggesting that they were likely the work of Individual X transferring stolen loot. The complaint doesn't explain how the Silk Road breach occurred or where investigators learned of those threats, but both may have been documented on Ulbricht's seized laptop or on the Silk Road's seized server.

Individual X seems to have ignored Ulbricht's threats and held onto the coins long after Ulbricht was arrested, tried, and convicted, quietly watching them explode in value in the years since. It's far from clear how the IRS tracked down the hacker, why the investigation took more than seven years, or exactly what legal means the IRS used to persuade Individual X to turn over the money.

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Elliptic cofounder Tom Robinson speculates that the transfer of bitcoin to BTC-e may have helped: BTC-e's operators were indicted in , and the business was seized, perhaps offering account information that put the IRS onto Individual-X's trail. The billion-dollar cryptocurrency seizure, Robinson argues, may be a sign of things to come.

The potential to seize figure funds provides an enormous incentive for law enforcement to invest time and money in tracking down the owners of illicit cryptocurrency stashes. The firm surveyed vendors to determine which cryptocurrency should be adopted by vendors next. Dash and Monero, a cryptocurrency with strong privacy credentials, emerged as favorites, while bitcoin and its offshoot bitcoin cash were ranked last.

Increased use on the dark web may push up transaction volume in these coins.

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But not all of them are enthusiastic about the association. In fact, Dash disputes Recorded Future's report. According to him, Litecoin is popular because it has faster processing times as compared to bitcoin and can be stored in offline wallets. Cryptocurrencies are popular on the dark web because they provide a convenient method of obfuscating identities and transaction details.

Silk Road: The Dark Side of Cryptocurrency

In August , it was reported that bitcoin, monero, and ethereum were the preferred coins to conduct dark web transactions. See also: What Is the Dark Net? But federal authorities have increasingly begun cracking down on e-commerce sites there. The cumulative effect has been a sharp decline in the number of illegal transactions conducted using bitcoin. In August , Shone Anstey, co-founder and president of Blockchain Intelligence Group, estimated a decline of 20 percent in illegal transactions using bitcoin.

Silk Road: The Dark Side of Cryptocurrency

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Gox bitcoin exchange, which sparked a vicious bear market in the price of bitcoin. Gox hack. Ulbricht got around this conundrum by using bitcoin as a payment method. Bitcoin addresses do not require a bank account, ID, social security number or name, and are free to open and maintain. Silk Road opened to modest beginnings, with psychedelic mushrooms grown by Ross himself listed as the first items for sale.

With increased media attention, however, came increased attention from one entity Ross particularly despised, the U. Silk Road continued to grow, and with its growth, came continued problems. In November, Silk Road suffered a massive denial-of-service attack, which eventually shut the site down.

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Chronicpain, or Curtis Green, was eventually arrested and released on bail.