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The convergence rate will reflect on the landing page before you continue to add any information. You must check the 'I'm not a robot' box before clicking 'Continue'. Enter: Billing information attached to the credit card or debit card you'd like to use to purchase BTC. Enter: The billing address attached to the credit card or debit card. Listed: The Amount, Fees, and Total will be listed according to what was selected on the previous page.

Please read the 'Terms and Conditions'. Confirm: You've read the 'Terms and Conditions'.

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Tap: 'Continue'. Edit: If you'd like to change the amount, you will have to go back to the previous page in order to edit. Confirm your email: You will be sent an email from ' Simplex Support ' to verify your email address.

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The link sent may not be active and you may need to copy and paste it in a web browser. Please note , on this page you will see how this transaction will reflect on your credit card or baking statement. Confirmation: Once you've completed both your email and phone number you will see the check marks shown below.

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Review us on Trustpilot. Buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies easily Buy and invest in minutes using your credit card, bank transfer or Apple Pay. I want to buy Bitcoin. I want to spend. For this much.

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Coming back for more? It's easier than you think 1. It is legit , yes - but the terminology can still get pretty confusing. You can imagine payment gateways as some third-parties that ensure the smoothness and - more importantly - security of a payment or transaction between two parties. In this case, the payments and transactions simply involve cryptocurrencies - the general sentiment, however, remains the same.

So, in short, user Simplex reviews define the project as a unique cryptocurrency payment gateway that allows you to purchase cryptocurrencies from some of the biggest and most well-known exchanges in the world , without fear that your transaction might be compromised and your funds stolen.

To this day, the stigma surrounding crypto is still very much noticeable - people still associate cryptocurrencies with the black market , money laundering , and scamming. This is with good reason - there are still quite a few exchanges that have a very steep learning curve , and require a lot of knowledge about the field in order to be used effectively.

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With the cryptocurrency market attracting new people every single day, exchanges that are simple to use and straightforward in their design are going to be ones that come out on top. When it comes to Simplex crypto, you can expect the platform to be one of the easiest to use of them all!

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  4. Transaction speed refers to the time that it takes for you to receive your cryptocurrency coins after you make a payment to the exchange. As you can imagine, this is a pretty significant point , both when it comes to this Simplex review, and some cryptocurrency exchanges, in general. Due to the way that Simplex works, it provides instant payment processing - in most cases. The company states that some payments might, in fact, take between 48 and 72 hours to process. The general rule, however, is that Simplex crypto transactions happen immediately - there is no delay.

    It sure does add another positive point to the people asking is Simplex legit - most user Simplex reviews agree, too! First of all, the obvious - it allows many more people to have a smooth and easy gateway into the cryptocurrency market , and thus, by extension, into the world of cryptocurrencies, in general. Just think about a beginner trader! Apart from the simplicity , purchasing cryptocurrencies with a credit or debit card is also a much faster way of going about it. If you value your time, and want the process to be as simple as possible, Simplex is the right platform for you!

    To continue on with our Simplex review, let us discuss some of the shortcomings that are usually associated with the platform in question. Well, what if the exchange does not house the crypto that you want?

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    That can be rather disappointing! That being said, though, while not many user Simplex reviews point this out, you could still purchase some sort of a cryptocurrency from Simplex, and then use it to acquire another crypto of your choice, on a different exchange. Instead, all of this is integrated into the exchange that you might be using.

    This is actually one of the more interesting points that are brought up by user Simplex reviews. Making Simplex crypto payments truly is that, well, simple! If you submit the right documents and fill out all of the required fields of information, you should encounter no issues while purchasing the cryptocurrency of your choice. Well, unless you live in a country or state where Simplex does not operate - that's possible, too. While there aren't many countries and states like that, some do not meet the legal regulations that would allow the platform in question to operate within them.

    Such countries include:. If you live in either of these states or countries, unfortunately, Simplex will not be available for you to utilize.

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    That said, if you DO , in fact, reside in either of these countries or states, you might want to check out some alternatives - Coinbase and Binance are usually seen as the top picks , but there are other high-end exchanges to choose from , too. One of the last points that we need to discuss in this Simplex Bitcoin review are the fees that are applicable to your transactions.

    While these fees might not be the smallest around , they are still justified by the fact that you not only receive the chance to purchase cryptocurrencies with a credit card, but are also receiving super-secure and fast transactions. Simplex is, in fact, very simple to use and newbie-friendly.