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Bitcoin God, SegWit2x, And All That Jazz: Another Day, Another Hard Fork

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Atlas Protocol. Basic Attention Token. Matrix AI Network. ARPA Chain. We need to be able to digitize assets like house, property, and car ownership; gold, diamonds, and other precious elements; computers, clothes, and food; even those baseball cards your mom keeps begging you to throw away. Smart contracts become so much more powerful when we have the ability to digitize all of these assets. What about Ethereum: Very similar to the digital identity blurb.

NEO is ensuring that issued digital asset certificates will be compliant. The economy is complex; it has so many interconnected pieces. Fully researching and understanding this is difficult. Refer back to this visual to have a solid picture of how this network interacts. Ultimately, DNA develops public and private blockchains for businesses. These blockchains then link up to NEO to join the decentralized economy. Businesses then have all the benefits of both private and public blockchains.


Then, they can link up and get the best of both worlds. OnChain also has several projects and partnerships and newsworthy mentions that all contribute to the DNA ecosystem:. Ontology uses the same architecture as NEO but ultimately works with businesses in creating a private, encrypted data network. Essentially, this is important when we have information that we need securing, but we also need it to be private.

This will enable people to bring this information in a secure manner to blockchains. NEO in itself is solid, offering several potential benefits over Ethereum. They have extensive experience and many accolades in bringing blockchain to businesses. They work with companies and governments in the East. Think Ark Ecosystem. This will enable people to swap crypto assets and transact across different blockchains. It also allows smart contracts to interact across chains. However, Ethereum will need an outside application to accommodate large scale cross-chain integration.

City of Zion CoZ is an independent, open source community of developers, translators, and designers who work towards the betterment of NEO. They have received funding from NEO to help incentivize project development. The community has contributed considerably to NEO. It is incredibly advantageous to have a network of support such as CoZ. NEX offers that solution. They recently decided to move from Ethereum to NEO. They have an interesting Reddit AMA on their reasons for switching. Ethereum Comparison: TokenHub is a similar project developing on Ethereum.

Ethereum Comparison: Ethereum is incredibly well connected with established corporations. NEO is playing catchup. However, with several planned in the near future and with an upgrade last month which will enable NEO smart contracts to interact with website interfaces, I think this is only the beginning for NEO. With Proof of Work, computers on the network compete to solve mathematical formulas and win the right to confirm transactions into the blockchain, and thus, secure the network. For these reasons, I think that PoW will soon be an outdated system , as blockchain transitions to a new protocol called Proof of Stake PoS.

Proof of Stake works similarly to PoW except that instead of computers validating the network and receiving rewards equivalent to their relative computing power, PoS uses token holders. I would argue that it actually improves security. With Ethereum, and all other PoW protocols, the difficulty algorithm how hard it is to solve the mathematical formula must constantly be updated to account for better computer hardware and more powerful mining groups.

With PoS there is no need to do this. With PoS, because you must stake your coins, any malicious behavior results in the loss of all staked coins. I imagine dBFT as working similar to how the U. Senate works and if that analogy made you want to just give up on Neo entirely, I understand, but hold on…keep reading. It would be brutally slow as millions competed for the microphone, all shouting their opinion and arguing with each other.

Making decisions would also be agonizingly slow. So instead, everyone in the country gets a vote. And with this vote, they can elect their representatives, someone to speak for them. These delegates called bookkeepers maintain the network for everyone. Thus, NEO can run faster, more efficiently, and with quicker and more finite decisions, and you can stay home, drink Bud Light, and watch the Patriots game with your computer in sleep mode.

Remember too that these bookkeepers will have their digital identity known, making NEO much more compliant with national regulations. The disadvantage with this system is a lack of decentralization. In its purest sense, instead of thousands of validators being scattered all across the world, governance is concentrated in a few dozen validators.

The majority of these nodes are currently operated by the NEO team.

I would however argue that Ethereum is also not as decentralized as you might think. In addition, while I trust Vitalik Buterin, he does have enormous power and influence over the direction of Ethereum. Ethereum will transition to a PoS protocol in the future. They already have begun the process and the mining difficulty of confirming new blocks will increase exponentially until it is impossible to mine anymore and everyone must transition to the PoS protocol.

This will happen but it is likely more than a year out. Now when we compare these, there are both theoretical and practical speeds.

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Theoretical transaction speeds are the absolute maximum speed mathematically possible for the network. Ethereum can do 30tps. As protocols improve it is possible that both platforms will approach their theoretical speed. This is an enormous difference and a massive advantage for NEO. Now in exchange for this speed, NEO is not as decentralized as Ethereum. TLDR: Ethereum can transact at 15tps with a maximum of 30tps. NEO can transact at 1,tps with a maximum of 10,tps. Ethereum has plans and solutions to scale to close this gap.

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