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What is Bitcoin Cash ?

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Both coins have grown to become staples in the crypto market. There was a time, not too long ago, that these two coins had the entire crypto community in a fuss. To understand the differences between Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash, you need to start your journey in Bitcoin was the first digital currency to eliminate double-spend threats. As such, it is considered the first truly successful digital currency. Bitcoin was built from the ground up to provide an equal playing field for network participants and users. These blocks can hold anywhere from 1, and 1, transactions per block.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Wallet

While this rate was excellent during the early stages of Bitcoin, it is hardly enough to support a full-fledged Bitcoin global economy. As Bitcoins network continued to expand, so did the amount of data squeezed into each block. For example, in the average block size was kb. By January , the average data size of a block was K. This increase in data also added to network congestion, which led to increased fees and transaction delays.

By , scalability concerns had grown to be too much. At one point, the network fees were often higher than the transaction amount. Top members of the Bitcoin community debated intensely over how to resolve the issue.

Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash - BTC vs BCH - What’s the Difference?

He and a large group of other Bitcoiners proposed an increased block size. The larger blocks could solve the problem temporarily and allow Bitcoin to again be used for daily transactions.

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These developers also argued that the change could lead to endless block size upgrades in the future. In August , the Bitcoin Cash hard fork took place. The new coin had a larger block size. Specifically, developers first designed the coin to handle 8 MB blocks, but later updated the network to 32 MB in size.

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This strategy greatly increased the tps rate for Bitcoin Cash. What are the features of Bitcoin Cash? Fast Transaction Time With large blocks, the Bitcoin Cash network can afford to validate many transactions in a relatively short period of time compared to the original Bitcoin core implementation. Low Transactions Fees Big blocks prevent large transaction pools building up. Soft Fork A change to the Bitcoin Cash protocol that makes old blocks invalid which were valid in the past.

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Bitcoin Segwit transactions feature was implemented as a soft fork to the network.