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You can find more information about ETH 2.

Weiss Ratings Take a Dig at Bitcoin SV [BSV] Over Number of Transactions

Stellar is like a cross between Ethereum and Ripple in terms of technology. Stellar can be built on to create DApps, issue smart contracts and create new tokens similar to Eth, whilst having 2 second transactions times and transaction costs of less than a penny like XRP. Cardano is set to be one of the new 3rd generation blockchains that will hopefully solve this issue.

Ontology aims to allow businesses to install both private and public blockchains for their business, for example a company can store sensitive information on the Ontology blockcahin which is private and store other information on the public NEO blockchain. This will allow organizations to effectively manage different types of data, allocating data to blockchains based on whether the data needs to public or kept within the company.

10 “Best” Cryptocurrencies according to Weiss Investment Ratings

According to Weiss Ratings algorithms Litecoin is a fair investment in terms of risk-to-reward ratio. Bitcoin comes in second place, this could be due to a long and drawn out bear market which Bitcoin has experienced numerous times despite growing tremendously in value. According to Weiss Ratings algorithms Bitcoin is a fair investment in terms of risk-to-reward ratio.

EOS tends to grow and fall steadily giving investors enough time to buy in and cash out. BNB is a bit more risky than Bitcoin according to Weiss Ratings algorithms but still fairly low risk.

  • Weiss Ratings Take a Dig at Bitcoin SV [BSV] Over Number of Transactions!
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Weiss Ratings algorithms see Bitcoin SV as a risky investment. If you hold a large amount of cryptocurrency you may benefit from a Ledger Wallet. You can keep up with me on Twitter and Medium.

Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings Reactions!?! - Bitcoin Vs. Altcoins? -

Weiss Ratings has come out again to raise opprobrium on Bitcoin Cash BCH after the founder of the cryptocurrency came out to tell the world that Bitcoin Cash is performing more transactions than all other coins combined. According to Weiss Ratings, the milestone purportedly achieved by BCH is nothing but a mere overhype, reiterating that he, Roger Ver, intentionally excluded other coins with the most usage.

The rating furthered that BCH enthusiasts have been spamming the network lately to show that there are more activities on the blockchain network than the exact reality. On Aug. He said the fees on bitcoin transactions are exorbitant, and the network is now slow and unreliable. Lately, it initiated a talk down on Dash and Zcash saying they have the option to turn off privacy.

Bitcoin cash weiss rating

However, the platform upheld that Monero is better off. Bitcoin Cash according to Bitinfocharts has been performing awesomely in the blockchain space. This has been the view which Weiss Rating has been condemning for some time now. Several people have also condemned bitcoin cash in the crypto space, saying it is a clear imitation of Bitcoin but failed to appreciate the importance of BTC.