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The Commodity Futures Trading Commission sees bitcoin as a commodity like gold , while the IRS treats it like property, which means — you guessed it — they can tax it. We need to keep in mind bitcoin is still the new kid on the block. Bitcoin has been shrouded in mystery ever since an unknown person named Satoshi Nakamoto released it into the world back in For some, this is an attractive feature. Others recognize the risk that comes with zero regulation. Since all bitcoin trading is handled anonymously, the cryptocurrency scene is a hot spot for cybercrimes.

All sorts of shady things, from blackmail to phishing to Ponzi schemes to deals done on the dark web, take place using bitcoin. Of course, there are plenty of upstanding people who use cryptocurrencies as well. But hackers who know a lot more about coding and software than the average Joe can use that knowledge to their advantage — so be careful. I would much rather see you invest your hard-earned cash in proven methods for building wealth, like tax-advantaged retirement accounts and growth stock mutual funds.

Get INSANELY Rich with Bitcoin in 2021 (BTC Investing 101)

However, as investors found out the hard way in , the value of Bitcoin price is also known to fall through the floor, wiping out billions of dollars in value. Ether is the fuel on which this whole operation runs, which means it has a deep pool of potential use cases. If you want to participate in the Ethereum ecosystem, purchasing ether could be a good place to start.

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Monero XMR is a cryptocurrency designed to make transactions entirely untraceable, making it a solid option for anyone that prioritizes privacy above all else. Unlike Bitcoin and Ether, which sit on top of public and entirely transparent blockchains, Monero uses cryptography to obscure sending and receiving addresses, as well as transaction value. According to documentation on the website, Monero uses three different privacy technologies to distinguish itself from other coins: ring signatures, ring confidential transactions and stealth addresses.

All you really need to know, though, is that the network is private by design, meaning there is no way to accidentally perform a traceable transaction. As a result of its privacy-centric architecture, however, Monero is often associated with cybercriminal activity and the dark web.

Is it smart to invest in Cryptocurrency right now?

Created from a copy of the Bitcoin blockchain, Litecoin LTC is designed specifically to address this problem, outspeeding Bitcoin by almost four times when it comes to transaction throughput. Both are very similar from an architectural perspective, but Litecoin uses an entirely different mining hashing algorithm built to allow for a far greater number of transactions to pass through the network in a given period of time.

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  7. Tether USDT differs from the other cryptocurrencies on this list in that it is not subject to the same levels of market volatility. As a stablecoin specifically, a fiat collateralized stablecoin , Tether is pegged against a stable asset. Cryptocurrency Insights. External what does this mean? This content is provided by an external author without editing by Finextra. It expresses the views and opinions of the author.

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    Cryptocurrency CFDs are not available to trade in all jurisdictions. Report abuse. A Finextra member 01 March, , 2 likes Normally I invest only in things I understand the business mode of or in something that I want for personal reasons.


    A Finextra member 02 March, , 0 likes As soon as the corona pandemic is easing its pressure on the economies in the world, "traditional" investments are going to make a come-back. Join the discussion. Blog posts More from Greg. Blog post Cryptocurrency Insights A new impulse.

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