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Last visit Joined CryptoMatrix2 www. Like you will see we have very relevants levels, temporals and charts. The next 15 days will be very important and be careful guys with the 6 month close CME Hi guys, XLM never really pump recently, a massive accumulation phase is currently happening on this coin.

We are actualy on 0.

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The RSI is oversold in every timeframes. Maybe the good time for a little entry? By the way, we continue to follow A chaque fois que nous oscillons autour de celle-ci avec un volume en perte de vitesse, nous observons un fort mouvement baissier qui s'en suit. Sur le graphique vous pourrez observer en rouge la We work hard to protect your security and privacy. Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. Learn more. Colour: Black. Inspired unofficial fan art. To buy, select Size. Add to Basket. Have a question? Search in language English English Deutsch English.

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Sorry This form is no longer available. See questions and answers. Some respond to it with an open mind, while others struggle and resist the transformative force coming through it. Recently, this tension came to the surface with a new contender within the cadre of Bitcoin critics. International bestselling author and expert on money laundering Jeffrey Robinson wrote a new book that stirred a bit of controversy on the Internet. Within 24 hours of his interview, a chorus of rebuttals struck chords on social media. On Reddit, a thread of more than largely critical and derisive comments quickly grew.

In it, Stephan Livera carefully disputes and corrects each misconception. A Twitter swarm emerged as Robinson WritingFactory promoted his contention that this digital currency is nothing but thin air of pretense. In an effort to emphasize his point, Robinson claimed that his book could not be purchased with it.

The commentary regarding this futuristic currency spilled into the Amazon review section for the book, where it gathered a wide range of opinions. Robinson wants the world to see Bitcoin as a pretend currency.

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If this digital currency is not real, as the author of BitCon claims, why does Overstock. Have these transactions really happened or are we just collectively having a lucid dream? He claims that companies like Expedia and Dell that incorporate bitcoin into their payment systems and save the rent-seeking 3 that VISA charges never really accept bitcoin, as they convert it immediately into fiat through exchanges such as Coinbase and BitPay.

Whether those companies decide to keep their bitcoin or not is one issue. Most of all, what is it about Bitcoin that makes someone like Robinson dismiss it so forcefully, while others take it seriously and are integrating it into their daily lives? There seems to be something more going on than his apparent profound lack of understanding of this technology. Bitcoin is like the red pill. For those who choose to use it, they get to find out how deep the decentralizing rabbit hole goes.

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The deeper one moves into the Bitcoin ecosystem, the more the rules of the old world fall away and the hands of regulatory agencies lose their grip. Bitcoin can generally only be confiscated if someone accesses your keys, like a typical outer world robbery. Bitcoin unveils the matrix that we grew up in and the identity that is embedded in the system. One can see his analysis is rather narrow minded, as cryptocurrency enthusiasts come from all different backgrounds and world-views.

If Robinson wants readers to take his claims seriously, he would need to become more balanced.